Being Indie: A Discouraging Observation

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I am a huge fan of Christopher Nolan’s film Interstellar. In fact, during a time in my life wherein I get to the theater about once a year, I saw it twice. You won’t be very surprised, then, to learn that I have been visiting once a day for some time trying to pre-order the film.   For day after day, I performed a text search with that one word: Interstellar. The results included many things, but none of them were the movie. Soon, I began to scroll down the list to see what items were presented to me …

“From Here to Nearly There” Coming to!

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I am happy to announce that “From Here to Nearly There,” the first book in the series “A Voyage in the Near Distance,” will be released next week in unabridged audiobook format. Check out the sample below via YouTube. The audiobook edition was produced by Punch Audio in conjunction with the Audiobook Creation Exchange. Actor Alex Hyde-White narrates the book.   Mr. Hyde-White is an accomplished film and theater star.  His credits include role in films like “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” “Pretty Woman,” and “Catch me if You Can.” His television credits include roles on shows such as …

What a Weekend!

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From Here to Nearly There Breaks the Top 20! I’m a big fan of Amazon’s KDP Select program. There are plenty of blogs that write about the pro’s and the con’s of KDP Select, so I won’t do that here. I will say that independent writers can make serious publicity in-roads by using the Select-only promotional tools. In particular, I like being able to make my book available for free on a time-limited basis. Why give your book away? It’s all about building awareness. Here’s the story. I released From Here to Nearly There in mid-August. At the time, I focused my efforts on building awareness …

“From Here to Nearly There” is Released!

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I am very happy to announce the release of my new novel, “From Here to Nearly There” on the Amazon Kindle Store! The new novel is the first book in the series “A Voyage in the Near Distance.”  Here is the Kindle description: Nicholas Carver began his day in Yorkshire. He will end it aboard an interstellar super yacht. Before he leaves Earth, Carver must race across England in a desperate flight from police and aliens. The police want to arrest him. The aliens want to do something far worse. All Carver wants is to survive. Join Carver, an English mapmaker …

Release Date Update

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Just a quick post to let everyone know that the official release date for my new novel “From Here to Nearly There” has been set. The book will be available through the Kindle Store on August 25. There is a chance the date could slide a bit in either direction, but that is the current target. As a reminder, the novel will be released exclusively in ebook format on the Kindle Store. The unabridged audiobook version is in production with a target release date of September 25. I will be performing the full-length recording myself.  “From Here to Nearly There” is the …

Cover Art Update

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Here it is, the golden master of the cover art for “From Here to Nearly There.”  For those of you who saw the previous version, I think you’ll agree this one makes a better use of space.  Congrats to the design team!   Thoughts?  Post a comment to tell me how awesome you think this is.  Now.