“From Here to Nearly There” is Released!

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I am very happy to announce the release of my new novel, “From Here to Nearly There” on the Amazon Kindle Store!

From Here to Nearly There cover art

The new novel is the first book in the series “A Voyage in the Near Distance.”  Here is the Kindle description:

Nicholas Carver began his day in Yorkshire. He will end it aboard an interstellar super yacht. Before he leaves Earth, Carver must race across England in a desperate flight from police and aliens. The police want to arrest him. The aliens want to do something far worse. All Carver wants is to survive. Join Carver, an English mapmaker and surveyor, as he is caught in a tale of intrigue that spans the cosmos. Together with Allie, a mysterious girl who bursts into his life, Carver reluctantly sets out to solve the greatest mystery mankind has ever faced. His success or failure will spell the dawn of a golden age or the ultimate doom of mankind.  By author Alec Merta, “From Here to Nearly There” is a novel that combines the best elements of a travelogue with those of a taut science-fiction thriller. By combining science with elements of real UFO and paranormal reports, Merta crafts a believable thriller that you will find hard to put down.  “From Here to Nearly There” is the first book of “A Voyage in the Near Distance.” The series tells the tale of two planets that are linked by an ancient mystery. One planet is a blue orb that orbits an average yellow star. It teems with human civilization. The second planet is Earth.

This has been a huge undertaking, and I am so very grateful to the people who have supported me throughout.  Writing is tough work (well, it’s kind of tough, in a way…), and we all need people pulling for us.  Thanks to everyone who helped!