Release Date Update

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Just a quick post to let everyone know that the official release date for my new novel “From Here to Nearly There” has been set. The book will be available through the Kindle Store on August 25. There is a chance the date could slide a bit in either direction, but that is the current target. As a reminder, the novel will be released exclusively in ebook format on the Kindle Store. The unabridged audiobook version is in production with a target release date of September 25. I will be performing the full-length recording myself.  “From Here to Nearly There” is the …

Going Soft on Science Fiction

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Writing science fiction is an odd task. Never mind that you already have to come up with incidental details like story and character. Those represent the fiction, and they are difficult enough to manage. On top of that comes the science, and science is arguably more difficult to come to terms with than narrative. A science fiction writer has some options, and these can be illustrated by their extremes.  In the first, the writer can simply ignore or neglect considerations of how science actually dictates that the universe works. That might sound lazy, but is really isn’t. Consider a science fiction masterpiece like Dune. …

Cover Art Update

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Here it is, the golden master of the cover art for “From Here to Nearly There.”  For those of you who saw the previous version, I think you’ll agree this one makes a better use of space.  Congrats to the design team!   Thoughts?  Post a comment to tell me how awesome you think this is.  Now.

Finally on Twitter. Finally.

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Nearly everyone who knows me knows that I am anti-social (media).  Actually, I am anti-social in general.  That said, I have finally bowed to the pressure of our interconnected society and created a Twitter account.  I guess Facebook is next, unless I can figure a way out of it. What’s weird about this is that I am profoundly pro-technology.  Call me an early adopter, an aficionado, or just an nerd.  Whichever perfectly accurate word you chose, I am it.  I was first among my friends when it came to everything from Sound Blasters to 801.11ac.  Heck, you should dig my new speakers.   No …